Sourcing Products Direct
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Product design, engineering and development.
We assist our customers with the design (both style and engineering) of products.
SPD then procure these at the most competitive price.

Market research and range management.
Based on market research we suggest a range of products, recommend designs and
prices and develop the content and structure of your product offerings.

All customers orders are received and invoices raised by SPD Asia or Esha Stone. The
office support teams monitor production schedules to ensure deadlines are met.

Teams on the ground in all countries regularly assess the on-going manufacturing to
guarantee orders are on time.

Quality Control & Inspection.
In line and finished production checks. We follow ANSI (American National Standards
Institute) for our inspections using recognised AQL requirements.

We conduct in-house tests as well as coordinate testing of products by approved test
institutes and laboratories to comply with the latest British and European standards,
where required.

Packaging and documentation.
We can assist in the design of packaging and provide drawings, specifications and

We provide logistics solutions for our customers including freight if required and
consolidation of containers.