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It is an old misconception that Far Eastern products are of poor quality. This may have been the case many years ago, but now there are many world class manufacturers and factory standards are improving all the time. The improvements had to be made to ensure exports increased to the rest of the world where quality demands are high. All the factories we source from are reputable businesses that have been personally visited to ensure all quality and health & safety standards are met. All products purchased will have passed the required European standards to allow them to be sold confidently in the UK.

Minimum Order Quantity
With negotiation the minimum order quantity can be minimised to one full container. Obviously the quantity per container differs depending on the size of the product, but it is always possible to mix a combination of products onto one container to reduce single product volumes further. This issue will be addressed during our initial discussions to establish the maximum quantity of any one product you are willing to order or stockhold. From this we can negotiate the best deal possible with manufacturers.

You may be surprised at how small a quantity is required to have products produced in your own brand packaging. Normally a container order of any boxed product will be enough to have the product in your own packaging. Again all this can be discussed and then negotiated at the outset. Should you not have artwork of your own then we can arrange for this to be drawn up for you. Should you not want your own brand then all factories will have various brands of their own available to offer for you to select from.

The standard of packaging on products ordered will be of the high quality required to make an impact in the UK. Samples of styles and types of packaging already arranged by Sourcing Products Direct are available for you to have so you can feel comfortable before placing your order.

Prior to the placing of any order a sample of the required product will be shipped to the UK for approval. In most cases samples will be provided free of charge, but if there are any costs involved this will be discussed before samples are shipped and costs incurred. On checking of the sample should any changes be required then these will be made and a further sample provided.

Lead Times
On average the lead time from the Far East after placing your first order is 8-10 weeks. Depending on volumes and the type of product then repeat order lead times can be reduced by 1-2 weeks. Once you become used to incorporating this leadtime into your ordering pattern you will find your stockholding requirements hardly differing from if when you were purchasing closer to the UK.

Import Duties
Products being imported into the UK from the Far East can be subject to import duties. This differs depending on the product category and many are actually exempt. To make it simpler we will include the duty rate on our quotation to you. In our experience the duty does not have a significant impact on the savings made by importing.

Our quotations will be in $USD however we will include conversions to sterling based on a current exchange rate. All the calculations will be included in full on your quotation so you can have all the information to hand in one easy to understand page.

Important details such as pack quantities, barcodes, packing specifications, colour requirements to name just a few can be overlooked when concentrating on placing orders with new suppliers. Our experience will ensure that all the details no matter hows.